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Bad Company - Good Lovin' Gone Bad

"Good Lovin' Gone Bad" was a 1974 Top 40 song in the both the United States and the UK for the English rock band, Bad Company. The song was written by the band's guitarist Mick Ralphs and appeared on the album, Straight Shooter.

Billboard described it as a "raucous, smashing assault" and praised the vocal performance and the guitar playing.

Before forming Bad Company, Rodgers and Kirke were in Free, Burrell was in King Crimson, and Ralphs was in Mott The Hoople. It was a few months before Burrell came on board, during which time they wrote most of the songs for their first album.

They were the first band to record for Led Zeppelin's record label, Swan Song. They recorded their first album at Headley Grange, the mansion where Zeppelin recorded many of their tracks. They also shared a manager with Led Zeppelin: Peter Grant.

According to Kirke and most sources, they got their name from a 1972 Western called Bad Company starring Jeff Bridges. Rodgers later refuted this, saying it came from a book he read when he was young.


If I hear you knocking hard upon my door, Ain't no way that

I'm gonna answer it. 'Cos cheating is a one thing and lying is another,

And when I say it's over, that's it, I'm gonna quit! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Now I ain't complaining, just try'n to understand

What makes a woman do the things she does.

One day she'll love you, the next day she'll leave you, Why can't

we have it, just the way it used to be? Why can't we have it baby.

'Cos I'm a man, I got my pride, I don't need no woman to hurt me inside,

I need a love, like any other; yeah. So go on and leave me,

leave me for another! Good lovin' gone bad, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Good lovin' gone bad, bad, bad, Good lovin' gone bad; yeah.

Baby I'm a bad man, now, now. Oh yes, yes indeed, indeed I am.

Oh oh oh oh yeah, gone bad. Oh oh oh oh.

Now I'm a man, I got my pride, Don't need no woman to hurt me inside,

I need a love like any other, So go on and leave me,

Leave me for another. Good lovin' gone bad, it's gone I say,

Good lovin' gone bad, now now now, Good lovin' gone bad, yeah yeah yeah

And baby I'm a bad man, Good lovin' gone bad,

That's what I want to say, Good lovin' bad, good lovin',

Good lovin' gone bad, Oh, baby I'm a bad man,

Good lovin gone bad, Good lovin' gone bad,

Good lovin' gone bad, I'm a sad man, Don't stand in my way,

'Cause baby I'm a bad man, Yeah, yeah, yeah.......


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