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Billy F. Gibbons - She's On Fire

ZZ Top guitarist Billy F. Gibbons has released a video for "She's On Fire", a track from his newly-available album, "Hardware." The temperature at Rimrock Ranch, the video shoot's location at Pioneertown in California's high desert at hovered above 115 degrees while a blaze had broken out a few miles away in Palm Springs giving the production a smoky look.

The legendary Texas rocker recorded his third record at Escape Studio in California's high desert, near Palm Springs, which was produced by Gibbons along with Matt Sorum and Mike Fiorentino, with engineer Chad Shlosser providing additional production.

"Hardware", which sees Gibbons joined by his live lineup of Sorum and guitarist Austin Hanks, delivers 11 new original tunes, a guest appearance by Larkin Poe, and a cover of "Hey Baby, Que Paso", originally recorded by the Texas Tornados.


She's alright

Blazin' through the night like a satellite

She's alright

Burnin' like a match, she's about to strike

She's on fire, oh yeah

She's on fire, hey, hey, hey, yeah


But she's so clear

Shining like a diamond in the atmosphere

She's right here

Lighting my fuse, grinding my gears

oh yeah

(She's on fire) hey, hey, hey, yeah

(She's on fire) oh, don't make me, baby, don't make me, baby

(She's on fire) ow, yeah

Shе's all mine

Like a smoke show workin' it overtime

She's so fine

What was I thinking she was ever mine?

oh yeah, I said what was I thinkin'?

(She's on fire) man that girl done turned me on, ow

(She's on fire) come on, come on, come on, come on, hey

(She's on fire) don't let that girl burn me out now, one more time


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