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Jimi Hendrix - Johnny B. Goode - Live 1970 - RGL

Live at Berkeley is a posthumous live album by American rock musician Jimi Hendrix. It documents his second performance at the Berkeley Community Theatre on May 30, 1970, and was released by MCA Records on September 16, 2003.

After drummer Buddy Miles and Hendrix parted ways, Hendrix's manager, Michael Jeffery, wanted to reunite the original Experience. He announced their re-formation, and set up an interview with Rolling Stone magazine (with John Burks) on March 19, 1970. However, two weeks later Hendrix decided against Experience bassist Noel Redding. Instead, bassist Billy Cox along with Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell became his backing musicians for The Cry of Love Tour.

At Berkeley, Hendrix pushed the boundaries with works-in-progress including embryonic versions of what would become "Straight Ahead" and "Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)". He did not tune his guitar down a half step as he usually did at all other shows and on most of his albums. Instead, he stayed in standard tuning.


Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans Way back up in the woods among the evergreens There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood Where lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode Who never ever learned to read or write so well But he could play a guitar just like a-ringin' a bell

Go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Johnny B. Goode

He used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack Go sit beneath the tree by the railroad track Oh, the engineers would see him sitting in the shade Strumming with the rhythm that the drivers made People passing by they would stop and say "Oh my what that little country boy could play"

Go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Johnny B. Goode

His mother told him "someday you will be a man And you will be the leader of a big old band Many people coming from miles around To hear you play your music when the sun go down Maybe someday your name will be in lights Saying "Johnny B. Goode tonight"

Go go Go Johnny go Go go go Johnny go Go go go Johnny go Go go go Johnny go Go Johnny B. Goode

Songwriters: Chuck Berry Johnny B. Goode lyrics © Ole Media Management Lp


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