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Motörhead - "Heroes" (David Bowie Cover)

In celebration of some of those finest moments, Motörhead released Under Cöver in September 2017, a collection of some of their best covers, and a collection which will include the previously unreleased version of David Bowie’s timeless classic “Heroes”.

Recorded during the Bad Magic sessions in 2015 by Cameron Webb, and was one of the last songs the band recorded together:

“It’s such a great Bowie song, one of his best, and I could only see great things coming out of it from us, and so it proved to be,” says Phil Campbell, “and Lemmy ended up loving our version.”

“He was very, very proud of it,” says Mikkey Dee, “not only because it turned out so well but because it was fun! Which is what projects like this should be – fun!”


I, I will be king

And you, shall be queen

Though nothing will drive them away

I will beat them, forever and ever

Cause we can be heroes, just for one day

And you, you are insane

And I, I am the same

Cause we're lovers, and that is a truth

Yes we're lovers, and we're in that booth

Though nothing, will keep us together

We could stop time, forever and ever

We can be heroes

What d'you say?

I, I can remember (I remember)

Standing, by the wall (by the wall)

And the guns, were all ready to fire (ready to fire)

And we kissed, as though we never can fall (never can fall)

And the shame, was on another city

Oh we can beat them, forever and ever

We could be heroes, just for one day

We can be heroes, we can be heroes

We can be heroes

We can be heroes, just for one day

Songwriters: Brian Eno / David Bowie

Heroes lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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